ATA Energy Consult

0I2A0817 squareAverage household energy bills in Australia are now more than $3,000 per year.

Yet with the right mix of solar, energy efficiency, hot water, heating and cooling appliances and maybe even a battery, you can easily reduce this to less than $1,000 per year and potentially to zero.

Another option is to go off-grid and get rid of your energy retailer altogether while significantly reducing your environmental footprint.

As with all big purchases you need to carefully consider the right product and installer for your home or business and your specific energy use patterns.

The ATA offers a 1-hour Energy Consult that will help you understand:

  • what size and system design will optimise system performance and maximise economics,
  • how to integrate solar with other major loads (e.g. hot water, heating & cooling),
  • how to design for off grid, and
  • how to source and compare quotes.

If you already have a solar system and need advice on optimising its performance or deciphering your bills and feed-in-tariffs, our experts can help.

Consultations involve a pre-consult analysis by an ATA independent expert and up to one-hour session time to deliver our analysis and to help you with your specific energy management needs. This includes the use of a pre-consult survey, your energy bills and potentially your smart meter data (where available). To obtain your smart meter data, click here.

Consults are conducted via phone or Skype. You will be contacted by one of our experts to arrange the consultation.

Energy Consults are $275 or $199 for ATA members. Click here to purchase your consult.

When you place your order, you will receive a free download link for our Solar Electricity Booklet.

ATA members also receive free access to the ATA member advice service which typically consists of queries answered in a 10-15 minute phone conversation or by email.

Purchase your ATA Energy Consult now!