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ATA membership and magazine subscriptions

To join, renew or update your ATA membership, ReNew and/or Sanctuary subscriptions, go to

ATA members: You can update your contact details by updating your profile at

Or contact Jodie Meehan or Sophie Liu.
Ph: (03) 9639 1500 or email [email protected]
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm

ATA branches

The ATA has branches across Australia. Click here to find your nearest branch.

ATA national office

Street address: Level 1, 39 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9639 1500; Fax (03) 9639 5814
Email: [email protected]
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm

Chief executive officer
Contact Donna Luckman on (03) 9631 5410 or email [email protected]

Chief operating officer
Contact Don Batson on (03) 9631 5408 or email [email protected]
(Office days Weekdays except Wednesday)

Policy and research manager
Contact Damien Moyse on (03) 9631 5417 or email [email protected]

Senior energy analyst
Contact Dean Lombard on (03) 9631 5418 or email [email protected]

Energy analyst
Contact Andrew Reddaway on (03) 9631 5406 or email [email protected]

Energy analyst
Contact Nick Carrazzo on (03) 9631 5427 or email [email protected]

ReNew Magazine editor
Contact Robyn Deed on (03) 9631 5415 or email [email protected]

Sanctuary Magazine editor
Contact Kulja Coulston on (03) 9631 5414 or email [email protected]

Relationships and marketing manager
Contact Katy Daily on (03) 9631 5405 or email [email protected]

Fundraising manager
Contact Chris Turner on (03) 9631 5420 or email [email protected]

Advertising manager
Contact Damon Schultz on (03) 9631 5412 or email [email protected]

Events manager
Contact Jodi Rashbrook on (03) 9631 5421 or email [email protected]

Technical and forums editor
Contact Lance Turner on (03) 9631 5411 or email [email protected]

Media and online content manager
Contact Sasha Shtargot on (03) 9631 5409 or email [email protected]
(Office days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Communications project manager
Contact Anna Cumming on (03) 9631 5419 or email anna (at)

International projects manager
Contact Kate Greenwood on (03) 9631 5416 or email [email protected]
(Office days Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

Branch officer
Contact Doug Rolfe on (03) 9631 5407 or email [email protected]
(Office days Tuesday and Thursday)

Contact John Knox on (03) 9631 5413 or email [email protected]
(Office days Monday and Thursday)