Sustainable Energy in Not for Profits

ATA launches Program to boost renewable energy
in Not for Profits

With the right mix of sustainable energy technologies, Not-For-Profits can capture significant dollar savings while reducing their CO2 emissions.

Finding the most appropriate technology, its sizing and design considerations, and how much it will save is complex and beyond the reach of most NFPs. Struggling with resourcing to deliver their core organisational goals, NFPs typically do not have the time to take advantage of energy management opportunities – despite these opportunities potentially “freeing up” operational funds for better use in core service delivery.

Introducing the Sustainable Energy in Not for Profits Program
The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation are looking to work with Victorian NFP organisations to grasp these opportunities. By providing a free site feasibility and supplier assessment, we can help NFPs understand the potential for sustainable energy improvements to achieve real economic and environmental savings. Financing solutions will also be made available as part of the program.

How will the project work?
ATA will assess your nominated site/s considering a range of sustainable energy improvements for your site. This will involve:

• A desktop assessment of your site’s energy consumptions and usage patterns using smart meter and billing data;
• Recommendations regarding technology (including design and sizing considerations), retail switching and other measures that will lead to lower bills and reduced environmental impact;
• Facilitating a relationship with financing partners to overcome upfront cost hurdles;
• Review of supplier quotations to ensure quality and value for NFP project implementation; and
• Monitoring and verification of technology performance – including actual bill and carbon savings 6-12 months post implementation.

Through the identification of opportunities, sourcing of high quality products and monitoring, verification and communication of results, ATA and LMCF hope that this project will build internal capacity and confidence within NFP orgs to continue on their pathway to smarter energy management.

Who can apply?
This program is eligible to a wide range of NFP organisations. Applicants need only be registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission or have Tax Charity Concession status with the Australian Tax Office.

Organisations may include:

• youth camps and service organisations;
• aged care facilities;
• health facilities and organisations;
• community and sporting clubs;
• administrative offices; and
• other organisations, as responded to through the promotion of the program.

Up to 50 NFP sites will be targeted through this initial program.

How to apply for the program
You can register your interest in participating in the program by clicking here. You will need to answer some short, simple survey questions. Participants will be chosen based on their suitability to the program. Following the submission of your survey, ATA will contact you to confirm next steps.

Further Queries

For further information regarding the program , please contact: [email protected]