With more than 35 years’ experience, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is a leading green publisher.

As well as publishing two high-quality magazines on sustainable living, ReNew: technology for a sustainable future and Sanctuary: modern green homes, the ATA produces a range of booklets, e-books and other print and online publications.

Sanctuary: modern green homes magazine
Sanctuary is Australia’s only dedicated sustainable house design magazine. Each quarter, Sanctuary magazine profiles the work of Australia’s leading environmental architects and designers, providing inspiration and practical solutions for a sustainable home, without compromising on design. Each Sanctuary home offers inspiration plus valuable technical detail including specific sustainability features and specs, house plans and the stories of those who have invested their time and money in the house.
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ReNew: technology for a sustainable future magazine
ReNew is Australia’s premier magazine on practical sustainable living, showing you how to have an environmentally-friendly home on a budget. ReNew regularly includes home energy audits, DIY electric car conversions, easy water saving projects, new uses for discarded materials and clever home retrofits. Each issue features affordable sustainable homes, DIY projects, buyers guides and Q&A with the ReNew experts. With 30 years experience, ReNew gives independent, expert advice for sustainable living.
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ATA e-books on sustainable living
cooling 72dpi cover smallFrom energy efficient cooling to off-grid homes, water efficiency, eco-camping and creating a non-toxic, healthy living environment in your home, the ATA’s e-books provide rich and comprehensive information on a range of sustainable living topics. All contain a compilation of the best articles on a given subject from ReNew and Sanctuary magazines as well as buyers guides and other bonus sections. ATA e-books can be downloaded as PDF files and are free for ATA members, $5 for non-members.
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Consumers Guide to Smart Meters
The ATA’s The Consumer Guide to Smart Meters helps households and small businesses understand and take advantage of products and services associated with smart meters. This easy-to-understand guide also looks at flexible pricing where consumers can choose to be charged more to use electricity at peak times and less during non-peak times. It’s important for all householders with a smart meter to fully understand the product or tariff structure that is right for them, that suits their electricity requirements and time of use. The free guide was developed by the ATA with support from the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation.


Solar Electricity: Plan your own solar electricity system. 
Solar-Electricity-booklet-COVERwebsmallThe new sixth edition of the ever-popular Solar Electricity booklet provides a thorough yet concise overview of what you need to know before choosing and installing a solar power system. In it you will find information about types of solar power systems, system components, sizing your system, installation, rebates and feed-in tariffs. Learn the difference between a grid-interactive system used in urban areas and stand-alone and hybrid systems if you live in a remote area. There are also checklists to help with selecting a solar system and installer.
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Efficient Hot Water: Plan your own solar or heat pump hot water system.
Cover_Solar_Hot_Water_Book-140x200smallThe revised edition of our popular Efficient Hot Water booklet helps you plan your sustainable hot water system. With updated and expanded content, it looks at the latest in energy efficient hot water systems. In the booklet you will find all the information you need before installing solar hot water or heat pumps. Topics covered include: different types of systems; how systems work and their components; retrofits; size and site location; rebates, standards and greenhouse savings; and heat pumps and hot water.
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Guide to reducing your energy use and saving money
From curtains to LCD monitors, taking showers to making toast, the ATA’s Guide to Reducing Your Energy Use and Saving Money examines all the ways to save money and improve energy efficiency around the home. The free guide is designed to help low-income households reduce their home’s energy use without the need for major spending on renovations or appliances. The guide was developed by the ATA and the Victorian Council of Social Service, with support from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.


Wind power: Plan your own wind power system
The Wind Power booklet has been written to help you better understand wind energy and how to select the right wind generator or windmill for your needs. The booklet looks at different system designs, their pros and cons, choosing a suitable site, selecting a tower, wind power system design and energy storage. The booklet also looks at wind power systems for water pumping.
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